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is my blog, a collection of interesting articles that I found while doing research for clients. Topics range from tech, medical, education, and design.
to get them to notice your web project,
pause long enough to understand, and trust you enough to give you business. Capturing your audience involves serving them fascinating ideas wrapped in clear, compelling language. And just as a great movie has a great screenplay, the same goes for a website.

That's what I do. Through words and images,
I help you tell a story through your website.

I write for a web audience's attention span as well as for search engines. I help companies develop their content to be better suited for the online world. I also create sites, having built over 100 sites and 25,000 pages since 1994.

My process is rooted in experience,
emphasizing simplicity and economy.

Ask me a question, pick my brain.

Maybe I can help you tell your story.

Gerardo San Diego

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